Academic Affairs

Main Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1.      Observing, managing, and plotting teaching and learning schedule for ESP lecturers of Language Center 

2.      Carrying out internal and external academic meetings

3.      Writing, proofreading, and administering the midterm and final exams of students of ESP

Short Course (Semester Pendek)

A.     Why getting SP?

-           Got “D” for ESP score

(Each ESP has three skills to accomplish, if you are failed one or two skills, you have to follow SP)


B.     Requirements:

-           an active-status student

-           minimal 4rd semester


C.     Registration Time

During final exam week of even semester (make sure you check the registration time before final exam)


D.    How to register:

Step 1 (go to LC):

-           Check your ESP score in LC (ESP 1 and II)

-           Mark the failed skill

-           Pay IDR. 350.000 to the bank for each ESP

-           Copy the receipt

Step 2 (go to your department):

-           Fill SP registration form in your department (If any, if the department does not provide the SP form, you have to ask any kind of proof)

-           Ask official stamp seal in your copy of receipt (If the department does not take your receipt, you do not need to ask the stamp, just bring the original receipt to LC)

-           Make sure, before go to LC, you have to bring:

1.      An original SP registration form from your department and a copy of it

2.      An original receipt/ a copy receipt with the department stamp and a copy of it

Step 3 (go to LC):

-           Show the two forms in the step 2

(the LC staff will check your data and give the form copy with the LC stamps)


E.      Short Course Schedule

-           It takes two months for SP (consisting of 16 meetings)

-           The schedule can be announced around a week after registration