Here are the programs conducted by LC to achieve the above objectives:
1.      English for Specific Purposes
ESP program is offered to freshmen in their first and second semesters in order to provide English basic skills which are used to read and to comprehend English text books, journals, and articles in their disciplines. In addition, it is intended to build simple communication both written and spoken. Specifically, in the end of ESP program, the students are expected to:
a.       get basic reading skill for comprehending English references within the scope of their disciplines.
b.      get basic speaking skill with the topics within the scope of their discipline.
c.       get basic writing skill for English application letter with topics within the scope of their discipline.
d.      get basic listening skill with topics on their discipline. 
2.      Text Book and Reform Magazine Publishing
ESP book program is written as text book for ESP course. Reform magazine is intended as media of communication among UMM community. Besides, they are intended to provide academic training to improve the quality of LC lecturers. Those programs are conducted in every semester and the outcome, ESP book and English “Reform” magazine, are distributed to all freshmen and senior high school students.
3. Recruitment of ESP Lecturer
Considering the abundant academic and administrative duties of ESP lecturers, since academic year 1999/2000, UMM has recruited contracted and part time lecturers every semester. The recruitment is based on the regulation of UMM. The number of lecturers recruited is based on the consideration about the number of ESP students, contracted, and part time lecturers.